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Conferences, meetings, exhibitions, contests [1, 2023]

Conferences, meetings, exhibitions, contests [3, 2022]

Conferences, meetings, exhibitions, contests [2, 2022]

Creation of Long-Term Cultivated Pastures in the History of the Northwestern Dairy Framing and Grassland Management Research Institute [1, 2021]

Vakhrusheva V.V. Pryadilshchikova E.N. Stolyarchuk E.I.

Crop Yield and Nutritional Value of Legume-Grass Agrophytocenoses Including Festulolium and Perennial Ryegrass [2, 2021]

Pryadilshchikova E.N. Vakhrusheva V.V.

Cultivation of Perennial Grasses in RUSE “Grodno Zonal Institute of Plant Growing of the National Academy of Sciences of Belarus” [3, 2023]

Makaro V.

Cultivation of Sudanese Grass in Single-Species and Mixed Crops on a Green Mass in the Conditions of the Northwest of Russia [1, 2024]

Bezgodova I.L. Vakhrusheva V.V. Pryadilshchikova E.N. Chernysheva O.

Current State of Dairy Cattle Breeding in the World, Russia and the Vologda Region [2, 2024]

Abramova N.I. Khromova O.L. Selimyan M.O. Zenkova N.

Current Status, Distribution and Ways of Preserving Mixed Cattle Breeds [4, 2023]

Gosteva E. Konik N. Tletseruk I. Ulimbashev M.B.

Current Trends in Soybean Cultivation in Russia [3, 2022]

Deriglazova G.M.

Drying Quality of Baled Hay Harvesting by Vacuum-Pulse Method of Moisture Removal [4, 2021]

Nikiforov V.E. Nikitin L.A.

Duration of Lactation and Economic Use of Highly Productive Black-Motley Cows [2, 2023]

Khromova O.L. Burgomistrova O.N.

Duration of Lactation of Cows of Different Age, Breed and Genealogical Affiliation [2, 2019]

Firsova E.V. Kartashova A.P.

Duration of the Use of Different Genotypes of Cows of Yaroslavl Breed [1, 2019]

Khromova O.L. Burgomistrova O.N.

Dynamics of Genealogical Structure of Breeding Stock of Black-and-White Cattle Population of the Vologda Oblast and Prospects for its Development [4, 2019]

Abramova N.I. Khromova O.L. Vlasova G.S. Bogoradova L.N.

Economic Assessment of the Varietal Agricultural Technology Effectiveness and Technological Solutions of Grapes Cultivation [4, 2019]

Malyshenko K.A. Malyshenko V.A. Stankevich A.A.

Economic Value Analysis of Using Hybrid and Electric Motors in Tractors [3, 2020]

Rakov V.A. Litvinov V.I.

Effectiveness of selecting cows according to body type [3, 2018]

Abramova N.I. Burgomistrova O.N. Khromova O.L. Vlasova G.S. Bogoradova L.N.

Effectiveness of Silicon-Containing Natural Zeolites in Compound Feed for Young Pigs [2, 2021]

Zhestyanova L. Zhestyanova L. Lavrent’ev A.Y. Sherne V.S.

Effectiveness of Using Unconventional Algae Feed Additive in Feeding Broilers of Cross Cobb 500 [4, 2020]

Kolomiets S. Egorova M.

Efficacy of Feed Additives on the Basis of Wheat Germ in Hens Feeding [3, 2020]

Kolomiets S. Konate S. Egorova M.

Efficiency of Mixed Crops Cultivation on the Basis of Promising Cultivars of Pulse Crops [4, 2019]

Bezgodova I.L. Konovalova N.Y.

Emel’yanov’s Contribution to the Institute Development [2, 2020]

Abramova N.I.

Energy Content Assessment in the Diet of Horses, Used in Various Disciplines of Equestrian Sports, at the Same Load Level [1, 2022]

Sharas’kina O.

Ensuring Stable Load Mode of Internal Combustion Engine of an Agricultural Machine Through the Use of a Combined Power Plant [2, 2020]

Rakov V.A. Litvinov V.I.

Evaluation of holsteinization effect In the population of white-and-black cattle In the Moscow oblast [3, 2018]

Sermyagin A.A. Naryshkina E.N. Nedashkovsky I.S. Yermilov A.N. Bogdanova T.V.

Experimental Installation Development for the Technology of Vacuum-Pulse Drying of Baled Hay [1, 2021]

Nikiforov V.E. Nikitin L.A.

Exterior Assessment of the First Calving of the Yaroslavl Cattle Breed in AO “Sheksna” [2, 2022]

Selimyan M.O.

Feed Additive of Synthetic L-Valine in Compound Feeds for Broiler Chickens [2, 2022]

Buryakov N.P. Shchukina S. Gorst K.

Forage Grass Stand Productivity with Galega Orientalis of Domestic Varieties in the First Year of Use in the Leningrad Region [2, 2024]

Veselkov V. Donskikh N.