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Breakthrough Agrarian Technology and Techniques of National Life Preservation

Mazitov N., Sakhapov R., Rakhimov R., Sorokin K.

Volume 5, Issue 2, 2022

Mazitov N.K., Sakhapov R.L., Rakhimov R.S., Sorokin K.N. Breakthrough Agrarian Technology and Techniques of National Life Preservation. Agricultural and Livestock Technology, 5 (2). DOI: 10.15838/alt.2022.5.2.4 URL: http://azt-journal.ru/article/29274?_lang=en

DOI: 10.15838/alt.2022.5.2.4

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Over the past 30 years in Russia there have been problems with agricultural production in crop and fodder, the quality of grain has declined and its cost has increased. What is the reason? Has agricultural science, including breeding, degenerated? Far from it! We analyzed the factors affecting the situation: mass implementation without comparative tests on the feasibility of using super-heavy imported equipment; reduction of moisture accumulation due to overcompacting of soils; soil drying by high ridgeness of the field surface; late sowing due to the inability to drive heavy machinery to the field during the optimal sowing season; low seed germination due to lack of moisture; mandatory use of herbicides and insecticides ostensibly to increase yields and displace traditional regional seed production; replacement of Russian seeds with genetically modified imported seeds; low profitability of farms; non-compliance with scientifically grounded terms of crop rotations; low rate of restoration of agricultural land; high volume of imports of agricultural products and medicines; increase in the percentage of births of sick children; sharp increase in mortality and falling birth rates in Russia; low rates of development of organic agricultural production; loss of national regional technology. The purpose of the study is to develop and propose a completely closed regional technology for the production of environmentally friendly, cost-effective products that guarantee the health of the nation, excluding food dependence. Scientific novelty is due to the reduction of energy consumption during tillage, replacement of soil shearing by the working body by oscillating sliding cutting and vibration, application of block-modular design principles of Russian agricultural machinery and the possibility of import substitution. Our proposed set of agricultural machinery was able to achieve an increase in productivity, yield and profitability up to two times, reducing steel intensity and fuel consumption up to four times compared to imported counterparts. The project “Russian machinery and technology to ensure food independence and livelihood” from 1981 to 2021 approved by 36 scientific and technical councils


import substitution, depreciation, Moisture accumulation, soil overcompacting, ridging, healthy livelihoods, organic agricultural production

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